Top 5 Wednesday – Fictional Jobs You’d Want to Have


Goodreads Group

  • Auror –

There’s the issue of me being very incompetent but I feel like if I got a job as an aura, I would actually get in shape and learn to fight… right? Yeah, yeah, let’s go with that. I also want to be Kingsley’s apprentice. Why can’t I do work experience in the wizarding world?

  • Bookseller at Flourish and Blotts –

How cool would it be to have a Hogwarts student walk up to the counter and ask for Monster Book of Monsters and everyone in the shop just kind of rolls their eyes and pushes you to the front.

“Just stroke the damn spine, it isn’t hard!”

“You do it then!”

“I dealt with the scream-y one last week. Pull your weight.”


  • A Member of the Fellowship –

I could keep people’s spirits up and if I had the knowledge I have now, I would push Boromir out of the way, save Pippin and Merry from the Uruk-Hai and on, and on. Which is probably why I definitely shouldn’t be a member because I would manage to screw things up even more than they were. And I couldn’t ride a horse into battle. I would be a good guide though!


  • Consulting Detective –

John needs some backup with Sherlock sometimes and I think another normal person in that flat would help out a little. I’d make sure I bought a car and could drive so they don’t have to keep waiting around for a cab and John will never get on that bloody bus (season 4 *cough cough*).


  • Hunter –

Yeah, you guys knew it was coming. I have watched eight seasons of Supernatural in two months (over mock exam period) and I’m officially obsessed. I would be rather terrible at hunting but I could help Sam with research and gorge on junk food with Dean. I might get a few good punches in but mostly I’d be like:


So there we have it! I mean, all of these jobs would cause my life expectancy to plummet but hey, it’d be worth it!

Let me know some of your favourite fictional jobs in the comments!

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